Columbus Park, Jamaica.

Columbus Park is located in Discovery Bay in the Parish of St Ann, Jamaica. Discovery Bay is the Town in which it is believe that Christopher Columbus first set foot on the Island.

Columbus Park is an open air historical and archaeological museum overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

The Museum features a wide range of relics and artifacts from the Spanish Colonial Period which were excavated when the Noronda Kaiser Bauxite Processing Plant was been built.

Noranda Kaiser Bauxite processing plant.

Tech Info :
Camera :                          Canon EOS 70D           
Lens :                               Tokina 12 - 24mm
Filter :                              Tiffen CPL
Tripod :                            Vanguard Alta Pro 253CT
Technique :           
All images were processed using Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop and Topaz Plugins.

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Lechmoore Simms is a Landscape and Nature Photographer, currently based in Connecticut, USA. He was born and raised in a small Country District name Linton Park in the Parish of St Ann, Jamaica. As a Country boy he was always surrounded by beautiful farm lands,lush green landscapes and several large mountains, this is where his love for nature started.


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