Before and After

Before and after post-processing !!
Reggae Falls, St Thomas, Jamaica.

Tech Info.

Camera :              Sony A6000

Lens       :              Canon 18 - 135mm

Filters    :              Ice ND1000, Tiffen CPL

Tripod   :               Vanguard Alta 263AP

Camera Settings :   f/8, ISO 100, for 6, 1/500, 1.5 sec.

Technique             :    The three exposures were manually blended in photoshop to create base image,                                      then stylized using Nik Collections and Topaz Plug Ins.

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Lechmoore Simms is a Landscape and Nature Photographer, currently based in Connecticut, USA. He was born and raised in a small Country District name Linton Park in the Parish of St Ann, Jamaica. As a Country boy he was always surrounded by beautiful farm lands,lush green landscapes and several large mountains, this is where his love for nature started.


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